Victim or Villain – Can We Sympathize with Bathsheba Spooner?

Murdered by His Wife by Deborah Navas
Murdered by His Wife
by Deborah Navas

Today on Fieldstone Common we will be talking about a true tale of 18th century mayhem and murder. But it’s not a simple, clear cut tale. The story is complex and the backdrop of the American Revolution adds extenuating circumstances.

I want to hear fromĀ 
Fieldstone Common listeners!

Should Bathsheba Spooner have been spared?

Was she a cold and calculating murderer?

Did her husband deserve to die?

Should we feel sympathy for the men she convinced to commit the murder?

Is this a tale of the role of women in society or about one woman’s privilege and economic status?

Did the passionate ties to loyalist or patriotic sentiment seal the fate of Bathsheba?

Listen live at 1pm EST or to the replay in the archive afterward and let us know what you think!

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