Upcoming in February on Fieldstone Common

Be sure to mark your calendar. We’ll be giving away some great books during the live broadcasts of Fieldstone Common.

7 Feb. 2013 at 1pm EST
Black Gotham: A Family History of African Americans in 19th-Century New York City with Carla L. Peterson. Black Gotham challenges many of the accepted “truths” about African-American history, including the assumption that the phrase “nineteenth-century black Americans” means enslaved people.

14 Feb. 2013 at 1pm EST
Ten Hills Farm: The Forgotten History of Slavery in the Northwith C.S. Manegold. Ten Hills Farm tells the powerful saga of five generations of slave owners in colonial New England. Challenging received ideas about America and the Atlantic world, Ten Hills Farm digs deep to bring the story of slavery in the North full circle–from concealment to recovery.
21 Feb. 2013 at 1pm EST
Connecticut’s Fife & Drum Tradition with James Clark.  Musician and historian James Clark is the first to detail the colorful history of this unique music. This engaging book leads the reader through the history of the individual instruments and tells the story of this classic folk tradition through anecdotes, biographies, photographs, and musical examples.
28 Feb. 2013 at 1pm EST
Down East Schooners and Shipmasters with Ingrid Grenon. Nothing is more iconic of Maine than the image of a majestic vessel—masts raised—gliding through the fog on the dark North Atlantic. In this collection, author Ingrid Grenon presents the most important and incredible stories from the decks of Down East’s schooners, revealing how these remarkable vessels and Down East Maine are tied together.
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