The North End with Alex R. Goldfeld

The North End with Alex R. Goldfeld on Fieldstone CommonLIVE: THURSDAY, 27 June 2013 at 1:00pm EDT

This week on Fieldstone Common, Marian Pierre-Louis interviews Alex Goldfeld, author of The North End: A Brief History of Boston’s Oldest Neighborhood.

dfeld on Fieldstone Common

Alex R. Goldfeld photo credit: Heather Hartford

Before evolving into a thriving ‘Little Italy, Boston’s North End saw a tangled parade of military, religious and cultural change. Home to prominent historical figures such as Paul Revere, this neighborhood also played host to Samuel Adams and the North End Caucus- which masterminded the infamous Boston Tea Party- as well as the city’s first African-American church. From the Boston Massacre to Revere’s heroic ride, the North End embodies almost four centuries of strife and celebration, international influence and true American spirit. A small but storied stretch of land, the North End remains the oldest neighborhood in one of the country’s most historic cities.

For nearly a decade, Alex R. Goldfeld has been creating and leading tours of Boston’s historic neighborhoods, most notably the North End, Beacon Hill and Roxbury. He has conducted research and assisted in planning for local organizations, including the Nichols House Museum, the First Church in Roxbury and the Vilna Shul. Goldfeld also served as director of operations at Boston’s Museum of African American History, where he oversaw the visitor experience, managed the historic sites and facilitated tours of the Black Heritage Trail. He holds a Master of Arts in History from the University of Massachusetts Boston and lives with his family in the North End.