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1 Nov 2012 at 1pm EST
When America First Met China by Eric Jay Dolin on Fieldstone Common

When America First Met China with Eric Jay Dolin. As a brand new country the United States set out right away to establish itself as a commercial power. Eric Jay Dolin talks about the early roots of the China trade and the historical balance of power between these two nations.

8 Nov 2012 at 1pm EST
Mahogany by Prof. Jennifer L. Anderson on Fieldstone Common

Mahogany: The Costs of Luxury in Early America with Prof. Jennifer L. Anderson. In the mid-eighteenth century, colonial Americans became enamored with the rich colors and silky surface of mahogany. Mahogany traces the path of this wood through many hands, from source to sale: from the enslaved African woodcutters, to the ship captains, merchants, and timber dealers.

15 Nov 2012 at 1pm EST
The Poorhouses of Massachusetts by Heli Meltsner on Fieldstone Common
The Poorhouses of Massachusetts with Heli Meltsner.  A Study on the development of the poorhouses, the life within their walls and their architecture. Learn how Massachusetts dealt with its poor, homeless and mentally ill before the inception of Social Security and current welfare programs.
22 Nov 2012 at 1pm EST
Plimoth Plantation Culinarian Kathleen Wall on Fieldstone Common
An Original Thanksgiving with Plimouth Plantation Culinarian, Kathleen Wall. What was the original Thanksgiving like and how does it compare with how we celebrate today? Learn about colonial food in this very special Thanksgiving episode.
29 Nov 2012 at 1pm EST
Professor Ken Lockridge on Fieldstone Common

A New England Town with Prof. Ken Lockridge . Ken Lockridge wrote A New England Town in 1970 and it went on to become a significant contribution to the field of history and our understanding of the development of New England. Come hear how the field of history has changed since that time.
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Show Notes – When America First Met China with Eric Jay Dolin

When America First Met China by Eric Jay DolinFollowing are some items that were mentioned during the 1 November 2012 Fieldstone Common interview with Eric Jay Dolin, author of When America First Met China.

The podcast of the interview is now available.

You can learn more about Eric Jay Dolin and his books from his website and you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

When American First Met China was published by the Liveright imprint of WW Norton & Company and copies are available for sale through Amazon.com and other booksellers.

You can watch a brief (less than 3 minute) video of When America First Met China to learn more about the book.

Some of the real life characters mentioned in the book were Robert Morris, financier of the American Revolution; and shipping magnates John Jacob Astor, Stephen Girard and Elias Hasket Derby.

The interview also touched on the history of tea and the environmental factors associated with the trade of seal and sea otter furs as well as sandalwood.

Harriet Low was the name of the young woman who snuck into Canton, China, defying a ban on women.

Cleopatra’s Barge was the Boston-built ship sold to the King of Hawaii.

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The Liveright imprint of WW Norton & Company, the publisher of When America First Met China, donated two copies of the book that were given as a door prizes during the live show. One copy went to a listener in Boston and the other to one in Pennsylvania. A big thank you to the Liveright   for  their generosity!

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When America First Met China – Now Available as a Podcast

When America First Met China by Eric Jay Dolin now a Podcast
by Derrickkwa

The most recent episode of Fieldstone Common featuring author Eric Jay Dolin speaking about his book When America First Met China is now available as a podcast.

The podcast can be played through the computer using your default media player (click play below) or downloaded to iTunes (also below).

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When America First Met China with Eric Jay Dolin

Eric Jay Dolin author of When America First Met China
Eric Jay Dolin

LIVE: THURSDAY, 1 November 2012 at 1:00pm EST

Listen in to Fieldstone Common this week as host Marian Pierre-Louis talks to Eric Jay Dolin, author of When America First Met China.

Brilliantly illuminating one of the least understood areas of American history, bestselling author Eric Jay Dolin now traces our fraught relationship with China back to its roots: the unforgiving nineteenth-century seas that separated a brash, rising naval power from a battered ancient empire.

It is a prescient fable for our time, one that surprisingly continues to shed light on our modern relationship with China. Indeed, the furious trade in furs, opium, and bêche-de-mer-a rare sea cucumber delicacy-might have catalyzed America’s emerging economy, but it also sparked an ecological and human rights catastrophe of such epic proportions, the reverberations can still be felt today.

Peopled with fascinating characters-from the “Financier of the Revolution” Robert Morris to the Chinese emperor Qianlong, who considered foreigners inferior beings-When America First Met China is a page-turning saga that explores a time many years ago when the desire for trade and profit first brought America to China’s door. 

Much of Dolin’s writing reflects his interest in wildlife, the environment, and American history. His books include Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America (W. W. Norton), Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America (W. W. Norton), the Smithsonian Book of National Wildlife Refuges, Snakehead: A Fish Out of Water, and Political Waters, a history of the degradation and cleanup of Boston Harbor. Leviathan was chosen as one of the best nonfiction books of 2007 by the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, and the Providence Journal.
Dolin and his family reside in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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