FC 18 The Unofficial Family Archivist with Melissa Mannon

Following are some items that were mentioned during the 20 December 2012 Fieldstone Common interview with Melissa Mannon, author of The Unoffocial Family Archivist

You can learn more about Melissa Mannon from her web page. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Her blog page, ArchivesInfo, is a great place to get the latest information on her thoughts and projects.

Melissa also has a group on Facebook called Life in Context. This is an open group so feel free to join if you are interested.

The group description reads as follows:
“This group is an outgrowth of the “Life in Context: Telling Your Story” workshop that is run collaboratively by Sue West of Space4U and Melissa Mannon of ArchivesInfo. “Life in Context” helps people explore the meaning of personal items and provides information about how to use objects as a launching point for telling valuable family and community stories.”

Sue West is the colleague that Melissa Mannon has collaborated with on her Life in Context workshops. Sue is a Certified Organizer Coach and a Certified Professional Organizer who is based in New Hampshire.

ArchivesInfo the publisher of The Unofficial Family Archivist, donated two copies of the book that were given as “door prizes” during the live show. One copy went to a listener in Massachusetts and the other to a listener in California. A big thank you to the ArchivesInfo for  their generosity!

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