Final Thoughts with John Thomas Grant

photo from Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone
by John Thomas Grant

Listen in to Fieldstone Common this week as host Marian Pierre-Louis talks to John Thomas Grant, author of Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone.

Photographer, Author, John Thomas Grant’s conceptualization of Final Thoughts was the consequence of the unraveling of some old letters, a personal journey in search of his family roots, and the chance meeting with a young man in a small New England town.

John interprets and connects with history through the camera lens. He reminds us that the past resides with us, sometimes forgotten and sometimes celebrated. The unique quality of John’s photos blends the past and the present together showing they are inseparably entwined.

Join us as we talk with John Thomas Grant about his book, his beautiful interpretation through photography and the impact it has had on his life and that of his readers.

LIVE: THURSDAY, 4 OCTOBER 2012 at 1:00pm EST 

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