Enter the Last Muster Raffle and Support a Good Cause

*** Now extended until Thursday, March 14th ***

Last September the Photo Detective Maureen Taylor was on Fieldstone ComMaureen Taylor, the Photo Detectivemon. During that interview she made a News Breaking announcement regarding her plan to make a documentary film about The Last Muster.

Just last week Maureen and Verissima Productions initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise seed money for the project. This is project that I believe in. I’ve already made my own pledge.

Here’s a video about the project –

Learn more about the project here.

I hope that Fieldstone Common listeners will consider supporting this worthwhile project.

To encourage that I’ll be raffling off a copy of The Last Muster.  To be eligible to win the book you’ll need to pledge $25 to the kickstarter campaign by Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 6pm.


After you make your pledge leave a comment here or send an email so I’ll know to include your name in the raffle. After 6pm one name will selected to win the book.


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