Elizabeth Shown Mills – this Thursday!

Elizabeth Shown Mills on Fieldstone CommonWhen was the last time you heard Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, FASG in an interview available to everyone across the internet? She has been a regular at the Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research at Samford as well as a speaker at national genealogy conferences but otherwise she partakes less frequently in public appearances or interviews.

You’ll have the opportunity this Thursday (November 21, 2013) in an interview right here on Fieldstone Common.

Our discussion will focus on taking your underlying research and applying that to your writing projects.  We are going to frame the discussion in a historical comparison of Northeast slavery with slavery in Louisiana.  Then we will take a closer look at her two books, Isle of Canes (a novel) and The Forgotten People: Cane River’s Creoles of Color (a non-fiction work) that are based on the same research. This will help us segue into how the same research can be applied to multiple projects to achieve your writing goals.

It’s going to be a tremendous discussion so be sure to reserve some time to listen in.  The interview will be available Thursday morning by 6:00am EST.  You can listen by coming back here to the website or by tuning in on iTunes or Stitcher (for Android).

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