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FC 39 Judith Sargent Murray & The Sargent House Museum with Barbara Silberman

Barbara Silberman, President of the Sargent House Museum in Gloucester, MAFollowing are some items that were mentioned during the 16 May 2013 Fieldstone Common interview with Barbara Silberman about Judith Sargent Murray and the Sargent House Museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The podcast of the interview is now available.

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This interview with Barbara Silberman, president of the Sargent House, details many of the accomplishments of Judith Sargent Murray’s life and showcases her intelligence, tenacity and enduring love for John Murray.

Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820) was an 18th century essayist who believed in equal education, a woman’s right to work outside the home and equal roles between men and women in marriage. These were quite extraordinary beliefs to be espoused during that time period. As such she was an early advocate for women’s rights. Her second husband was John Murray (1741-1815), an Englishman who established the Universalist denomination in the United States.

The Sargent House where Judith spent her married life, is located in Gloucester, Massachusetts and is open as a house museum. The museum is open each year from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Each May the Sargent House holds a free event called “Judith Speaks” where volunteers read the words of Judith Sargent that still resonate today. The event is a great introduction to the life and works of Judith Sargent Murray. Here is a video of the Judith Speaks event from 2012 (from the Cox Simoes YouTube page).

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