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FC 23 Carved in Stone with the Gilsons

Following are some items that were mentioned during the 24 January 2013 Fieldstone Common interview with Thomas and William Gilson, authors of Carved in Stone: The Artistry of Early New England Gravestones.

William Gilson

William Gilson is a writer now based in England. Thomas Gilson is a photographer based in New York. You can view sample images of the gravestone photos from the book on Thomas Gilson’s website.

Thomas Gilson

The book Carved in Stone: The Artistry of Early New England Gravestones, published by the Wesleyan University Press, is available for purchase from major books sellers online and off such as Amazon.com.

Three well-known gravestone researchers/authors were mentioned during the interview: Harriette Merrifield Forbes, Allan Ludwig and Vincent Luti.

A great reference tool for viewing early 20th century black and white photographs of New England gravestones, many of which were photographed before stone deterioration, is the Farber Gravestone Collection at the American Antiquarian Society.

A great place to learn more about gravestones and their carvers is the Association for Gravestone Studies. Be sure to check out their scholarly publication, Markers.

You can view gravestone photos by Marian Pierre-Louis on her blog, the Symbolic Past.

The Wesleyan University Press, the publisher of Carved in Stone: The Artistry of Early New England Gravestones, donated a copy of the book that was given as “door prize” during the live show. The copy went to a listener in Massachusetts. A big thank you to the Wesleyan University Press for  their generosity!

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