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FC 69 Remembering Adamsville Oral History Project with Marjory O’Toole

This week on Fieldstone Common our featured guest is Marjory O’Toole, editor of the book Remembering Adamsville which is the culmination of a village-wide oral history project.


Marjory O’Toole is the full-time Managing Director of the Little Compton, Rhode Island Historical Society and a part-time student in the John Nicholas Brown Public Humanities Marjory O'Toole Remembering AdamsvilleProgram at Brown University.

Marjory is a lifelong resident of Little Compton who fondly remembers trips to Adamsville with her grandmother to buy candy at Simmons’ Store. Today she lives a few miles away from the village with her husband and three children.

You can learn more about Marjory from her website.

Book Summary

Remembering Adamsville is the written end-product of an oral history project undertaken in the village of Adamsville in Little Compton, Rhode Island. The book chronicles the memories of many Adamsville residents and provides a solid representation of life in the village.

Book InfoRemembering Adamsville by the Little Compton Historical Society

Title: Remembering Adamsville

Publisher: Little Compton Historical Society (2013)

Trade paperback; 252 pages with an index and lots of color and BxW photos and illustrations. Alphabetical by participant.

Remembering Adamsville is available for purchase from Amazon.com and other booksellers.

The Interview

In this interview we talk about every aspect of conducting a town-wide oral history project from the volunteers needed to pull it off to engaging the interviewees. We’ve left no stone unturned during our discussion but perhaps most important was the powerful message that arose as a result the project. While collecting history is important, the coming together of a community and forging stronger ties with each other was perhaps the greatest benefit of all.

Prize Winners

Two copies of Remembering Adamsville were given out to the Fieldstone Common audience courtesy of the Little Compton Historical Society.

The winners are:

  • Beth Finch McCarthy of Massachusetts
  • Candace Breen of Rhode Island

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to the Little Compton Historical Society for their generosity in donating the books!

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