Please Read – Special Announcement Episode

On Tuesday a special episode of Fieldstone Common was broadcast to discuss some changes happening behind the scenes at Fieldstone Common.

Here are the highlights of the BroadcastSubscribe to Emails

1) Listeners can now receive blog posts via email. There is a new subscribe button on the front of the Fieldstone Common website to sign up. This means that every post will be delivered to your email box. Not everyone wants to use this option but for those that do it is now available.

2) The sign up list to win books reserved for the  mailing list is now called the BONUS LIST. This is avoid confusion with the new subscribe via email list mentioned above.

Bonus List Sign Up
Email List now renamed as BONUS LIST

PLEASE NOTE: Receiving blog posts via email is not the same as being on the Bonus List. Everyone must sign up for the Bonus List if they want to qualify to win books or other giveaways.

3) *** Fieldstone Common will change from a live broadcast to a recorded podcast. *** The reason for these changes is explained in detail during the special announcement episode.

4) As result, how you access the Fieldstone Common episodes will be different.

  • You can continue to find the link in the blog posts on Fieldstone Common
  • You can continue to find the links on the Show Schedule page
  • You will no longer get reminder emails from Blog Talk Radio. The Bonus List is the place to sign up if you want reminder emails.
  • There will now be two subscriptions in iTunes 1. Fieldstone Common Season 1 (which will be the Blog Talk Radio Episodes) and 2. Fieldstone Common Season 2 (which will be all episodes starting 26 September 2013). PLEASE NOTE: You will need to subscribe to Fieldstone Common Season 2 in iTunes to continue receiving the episodes. (I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please listen to the special broadcast to understand why this has to happen). There will be a post on Fieldstone Common announcing when the new subscription feed has been activated.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for your patience with all the changes. This will provide for much better quality broadcasts going forward.

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