Change to the Book Giveaways

If you listened to Fieldstone Common last week you’ve already heard me make booksmention of the change in Book Giveaways.

Going forward I will be giving away two books during the live show.

1) The first book will be given away to a live call-in audience member. The only way to receive this copy is to dial in during the show.

2) The second copy will be announced during the live show but will go to someone who has signed up for the Fieldstone Common email list. This option provides an opportunity for podcast and international listeners to win a copy of the featured book.  To be eligible to win the second copy you need to be signed up for the mailing list before 12:00pm on the day of any show.  The great thing is that members of the mailing list will be in the running each and every week after they initially sign up.

And for live listeners, they will continue to have two chances to win every show – once from dialing in and once from the mailing list!

Need to sign up for the mailing list?



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