Why Baseball Matters with Joanne Hulbert and David Lambert

Baseball Card - Library of CongressLIVE: THURSDAY, 15 August 2013 at 1:00pm EDT

This week on Fieldstone Common we’re talking about America’s favorite past-time – Baseball! Marian Pierre-Louis interviews Joanne Hulbert and David Allen Lambert, two baseball historians who are passionate about the sport.

Did you know that baseball in America started before the Civil War? We’ll be talking about old-time baseball, how it caught on in the United States and why it is so important.

Joanne Hulbert is the author of Holliston, A Good Town. She is co-chair of the Society for American Baseball Research’s (SABR) Baseball and the Arts Committee and Joanne Hulbertco-chair of SABR’s Boston Chapter group. She is the author of numerous historical baseball articles and player biographies. She resides in Mudville, a venerable, old neighborhood of Holliston, Massachusetts, a town rich in early baseball history. And, contrary to the popular presumption, there can be joy in Mudville.

David Allen Lambert is the Chief Genealogist for the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and has served on the staff since 1993. His interest in genealogy started at the David Allen Lambertyoung age of seven, and has increased over the past four decades. He has published various articles in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register; the New Hampshire Genealogical Record, Rhode Island Roots, The Mayflower Descendant, and American Ancestors magazine. He is the author of A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries, and four other titles.