August on Fieldstone Common

Be sure to mark your calendar. We’ll be giving away some great books during the live broadcasts of Fieldstone Common.

1 August 2013 at 1pm EDT Lucianne Lavin Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples with Lucianne LavinMore than 10,000 years ago, people settled on lands that now lie within the boundaries of the state of Connecticut. This pioneering book is the first to provide a full account of Connecticut’s indigenous peoples, from the long-ago days of their arrival to the present day.
8 Aug. 2013 at 1pm EDT Roger Thompson From Deference to Defiance with Roger ThompsonStep back in time to discover the people, the customs and the history of Charlestown, Massachusetts from its earliest years. From Deference to Defiance explores the conflicts and interactions of early settlers and brings them to life in a way that is often difficult during this time period.
15 Aug. 2013 at 1pm EDT Joanne HulbertDavid Allen Lambert Why Baseball Matters with Joanne Hulbert and David Allen Lambert. Both Joanne and David have done research into the lives of America’s earliest baseball players. We’ll learn what they’ve uncovered about a sport that started before the Civil War.
22 Aug. 2013 at 1pm EDT James Redfearn The 1919 Boston Police Strike with James Redfearn. We take a look at a little known 20th century event and the implications it had for the Boston Police and the City of Boston.
29 Aug. 2013 at 1pm EDT balloons Fieldstone Common – 1st Anniversary Celebration. Come celebrate the first anniversary of Fieldstone Common. We’ll be giving away lots of prizes away including 12 books – one from each month of Fieldstone Common’s first year!