A Very Special Day!

Marian Pierre-Louis, Ken Lockridge, Meaghan Siekman
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What do you get when you combine Fieldstone Common host, Marian Pierre-Louis and September 13, 2012 guest Meaghan Siekman and November 29, 2012 guest Ken Lockridge? A very special day!

Today Fairbanks House Curator, Meaghan Siekman and Marian Pierre-Louis welcomed Ken Lockridge and his wife as they passed through Boston on their way from Montana to Sweden.

Ken Lockridge, author of A New England Town

Ken and his wife spent the day in Dedham, Massachusetts, the subject of his book A New England Town: The First Hundred Years. Meaghan Siekman, curator of the Fairbanks House (the oldest timber-frame house in America) gave the Lockridges a tour.

The group relaxed during a fun afternoon of conversation and Ken indulged the ladies by signing all their copies of his books.

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